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Shops, Offices, Restaurants, and Brewing

Whether you’d like to visit us in person, or you’d rather opt for our curbside pickup option, there are plenty of ways to shop at WACONIA SQUARE. Our Shopping Center boasts the most popular brands, so you can find everything you need in one place.

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Edward Rupp | Principal

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Waconia Square is a beautiful shopping center located in downtown Waconia, just two blocks from beautiful Lake Waconia.  We feature a well-lit, newly landscaped parking lot maintained by the City of Waconia. This offers plenty of free and convenient parking for employees and customers.  We have fantastic foot traffic with our local and national vendors as well as Waconia Brewing Company. 

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Location, location, location is what makes Waconia Square such a special place to work!  Centrally located in downtown Waconia, Waconia Square is close to dozens of shops and restaurants, giving you an urban feel in our amazing little lake town.  We have spacious offices with clean modern designs and we are ready to build to please.

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Edward Rupp

SVN | Northco Real Estate Services

(952) 820-1634

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